• WebMinds FileCleaner Pro 4.8.0 Build 321

    WebMinds FileCleaner Pro 4.8.0 Build 321

    WebMinds FileCleaner Pro 4.8.0 Build 321

    The Problem: your computer is getting slower, there is not enough disk space, you get system errors and you have no idea why. It’s just too difficult to find the right settings to fix everything. The Solution: WebMinds FileCleaner Pro 4.8.0 Build 321 automatically fixes PC errors, deletes system junk and protects your privacy. It intelligently repairs invalid settings, helps you uninstall rogue software, and does a complete PC cleanup for ultimate speed and performance.

    Automatic PC Cleanup
    Let FileCleaner keep you computer running fast automatically. Simply configure the Real Time Cleaner and the Scheduler, and forget all about Windows maintenance. FileCleaner will delete junk files in real time, so that you can concentrate on your work and not on file cleanup.

    Fix Windows Errors
    FileCleaner includes an easy to use, yet powerful registry cleaner. Use it to find registry errors and conflicts, eliminate system crashes, and fix corrupted entries. Doing this will not only make your computer as good as new, but also increase Windows performance and stability.

    Delete Browser Toolbars
    Is your browser slow because of those annoying toolbars you have trouble uninstalling? FileCleaner has a tool that will remove any toolbar in one click. You won’t have to look for complicated toolbar uninstall tutorials ever again because FileCleaner can kill any toolbar or add-on.

    Uninstall Any Program
    It’s not a secret that some programs can be very hard to uninstall. With FileCleaner’s Uninstall feature you will be able to uninstall any program in a matter of minutes. If the program cooperates, FileCleaner will use its native uninstaller. But if it’s stubborn, FileCleaner will simply remove all its records from your PC.

    File Shredder
    When you simply delete a file, it’s not really gone and can be restored with the help of file recovery software. Files deleted with FileCleaner’s built-in file shredder are erased in such a way that no software can undelete them. When you shred files with FileCleaner, they are gone for good.

    Preview Files
    FileCleaner goes one step further than other popular PC cleaners by offering users to preview images, URLs and documents they are about to delete. This feature is very handy for recovering accidentally deleted photos and documents before all their traces are removed forever.

    System requirements:
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    CPU: 400 MHz or higher
    RAM: 128 MB or more
    Hard Drive: 5 MB of free space

    Home Page https://www.filecleaner.com/



    May 15th, 2018

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